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Subjects Taught
3rd Grade


Personal Biography

I was born and raised in a small town outside of Tallahassee, called Crawfordville, Florida.  I attended Florida A&M Developmental Research School from 10th- 12th grades.   In May of 1998, I made the decision to accept an athletic scholarship to Jackson State University.  Living in Mississippi has provided me with opportunity to grow and develop, both in my personal and professional life.  I am currently married with three children. Our family worships and serves at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Charles I. Bradley. 

As an adolescent in Florida, I was fortunate to receive both public and private education.  I accredit my passion for education and public service, to this foundation and family support.   

After so much tragic news plagued my mind, such as, losing my brother and brother-in-law to such untimely deaths, becoming an educator was not my plan.  Although I had high hopes of public service, I would not have ever imagined becoming a teacher.   My quest to become an educator began when I decided my tragedy could be my platform of life.  I began to reach out to children by volunteering at local YMCA’s, church youth groups, and recreational facilities where I could help some weary soul find peace in life.  I often tell other’s that my Guarding Angel appeared in the form of an elderly lady.  Her words were simple but resonated with my heart; this is when I knew that it was a sign from God that my mission in life was to become a teacher. 

I am currenlty attending Mississipi College studying for a Specialist degree in Education and Administration. 

Keshia Harvey-Shaffer, M.Ed.